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birthday present


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Hi guys/girls

It,s coming up to my lads birthday and he wants a scope. his main hobby is photography so i guess that it will be used mostly for imageing.

any advice or sugestoins please budget will be about £200 ish (new or good condition used)

Thanks in advance for any advice/offers


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Ummm... you will probably need to at least double that figure to get something 1/2 reasonable that wont frustrate the user.

Cheap refractors are pretty useless for imaging, you might be better off with a newtonian as a starter scope for imaging. Also, you have to account for adapters and a filter. If he's already into photography, you can leave the scope out for now and just go with the DSLR camera lens (if a suitable one is available), leaving the rest of the funds to put towards a decent mount.

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You can certainly modify a Nikon (e.g. namreg has one), although there is no simple filter replacement so you lose AF.

As has been said, the mount is more important really. I'd suggest your lad starts with imaging through his existing lenses, but using a good mount. (e.g. EQ5)

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