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Never going to find a bargain in the For Sale section


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Hmmmmm dare I reply - second time one of my threads has sparked off a debate when I didn't intend it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Given there was nothing antagonistic in your opening post, i'd take it as a compliment that your threads get good replies! :)

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Turned out to be quite a thread this one.......

I'm sure the rest of the mods and indeed the admin would agree, but I just wanted to say that I for one appreciate the support of the majority in just getting on with enjoying the forum, and upholding the simple guidelines that it is felt necessary to have. None of the mods are paid, most of us have families and loved ones we could spend time with, and to a man (and woman) we all dislike confrontation and having to take a heavy stance. So a big thank you to those who make the tedium of keeping the forum up and running smoothly a pleasure :)

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