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one for you Hyperion owners

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i decided to have another look at these regarded EPs, a bit more in depth this time around.

there are a lot of good reports flying around the ether but i cannot for the life of me find a "key" for the multiple FLs you get when adding or subtracting bits from the modular design.

i know with the 17mm, if you take away the 1.25" it turns it into a 30mm (ish) and if you add adjustment rings and the 1.25 element back on it gives 10mm (ish)

this does make the modular EP a bit more appealing but like i said, i cannot find a "key" to give me all the info on the various FLs of the range with and without the bits n bobs.

can the info be found here in the brains of you learned folk?

i hope so

pray, tell ;)

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The 1.25" part contains a lens grouping so they should go back on. If you leave them off you get a completely different type of long focal length, 2" eyepiece that makes the extension rings needless as they work by adding distance between the lens groups at the top of the eyepiece and those in the 1.25" part.

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hhm, see what you mean.

for some really odd reason i just want to do away with 1.25 and stay with 2", i know its wierd but there you go :o

might have to stick with the Ultima LX plan, i was never that good with lego anyway ;)

thanks Gaz

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I use my Hyperions in 2" mode all the time, the extra length the rings give doesn't seem to cause a problem when using a 2" diagonal (I only use 1 ring at a time though, not the 2 together). Although I do try and keep the "lego" to minimum and try and decide which rings I am going to use before I go out....;O)

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Hi Nick, the Hyperions are excellent. I have them down as far as 8mm along with the tuning rings. I have only used the rings with the 8mm and they work really well. The tuning rings give me an additional 6, 5 and 4.3mm f/ls and all for an extra £16! . The addition of the ring does not degrade the image in any way that i have noticed.


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i agree with Damo, i have them all plus the tuning rings which gives the additional lenghts and i cant see any degridation at all. They are really solid and i use mine for eyepiece projection, they are great!

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