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Where can I buy Burgess/TMB EPs in UK??

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I already own a genuine TMB/Burgess 9mm EP and love it to pieces - I just wondered if anyone knows where I can buy others in the UK? I picked my one up from Astro Buy/Sell, and I know they turn up from time to time - but money.hole.burning.pocket.

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These people do the TS Planetary HR (or at least list them):

Eyepieces @ Modern Astronomy

They are the closest that I've tried to the original Burgess / TMB Planetaries in performance. You might also try Telescope Services in Germany who have these made with their branding on them.

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I had the 6 and 9mm genuine Burgess/TMB eps a few months ago and found them excellent. I sold them on shortly after to help fund a Hyperion and BGO splurge. A few weeks ago i bought a 5 and 6mm TMB to compare the views with the orthos. This time i found them not near as sharp as the original ones i had, which were marked Burgess/TMB. Also the endcaps were a poor fit to the point if i turned the ep upside down it fell off in my hand. I sold the 6mm on and still have the 5mm for now. I have never looked through the TS Planetary clone to compare but John states they are the closest to the original Burgess/ TMB in performance. These latest examples just seem a little down on quality compared with the first set i owned. Just my opinion though.


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