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Hello from London


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Just saying a quick hello. I was inspired to buy a telescope after a marathon viewing of both the Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe with Brian Cox. I went for a Celestron 127 Nexstar SLT goto telescope which arrived today. Will hopefully be able to have a go with it later tonight, if the clouds are kind enough to depart ;)

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Hi and welcome to the Lounge.

Congrats on the new scope, don't forget to let it cool down to ambient temp, or you will get really poor views through it due to air currents moving about inside the tube.

Enjoy your new scope. ;)

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Blimey, that's a lot of replies, you're a friendly lot ;) Thanks!

I had a good first night with my new telescope. There was still a bit of cloud hanging around but most of the sky was in clear view. I didn't have too long so I decided I wouldn't set up the GoTo system, I just aligned the red dot scope with the telescope and randomly picked something in the sky to have a quick look at.

I picked a "star" just above a large tree at the end of our garden. I got it into the viewfinder and started twisting the focussing dial. As it came into focus I thought to myself "What a strange looking star, I mean, those look like rings... wait a minute..."

Completely at random, with no knowledge of the sky, I'd stumbled upon Saturn! I was grinning like a big kid, what a great sight! You always want your first experiences with a new hobby to go well so that the inspiration and excitement doesn't fade. Well, I don't think I could have got a more inspiring start than that. Consider me well and truly hooked :o

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