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Astro buy sell - how does payment work?

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I'm interested in an item on astro buy and sell, but I can't find a word on their site about how to conduct a transaction. Do you just pay in advance and keep your fingers crossed?

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Providing you have a PayPal account set up you just request/send a PayPal Gift. Alternatively you may request/send a standard check...

I've completed a good few transactions through this website and never had any problems.

...I've started getting increasingly annoyed with PayPal since the transfer charges are higher and higher. Having bought an item for £150 recently I had to pay additional £5 to PayPal for transferring the gift... Sick!

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Pay with a cheque. That way you've got their address should anything go wrong, or the old fashioned way of cash on collection.

I've bought quite a lot of stuff from sellers on this site and never had a problem.

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I have bought some items, the most expensive (£350) I picked up and paid cash. The rest (cheap items) I just establish contact, exchange details and then use Paypal, even bought stuff from Greece, no problems so far.

Without an intermediary I don't know what else you can do.

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Same here, bought most of my stuff on abs and never ever had a problem. Had probably more luck than I deserved but the apos, newts and my Lunt turned out fine (at least to my untrained eyes)

Usualy pay Paypal as gift as the easiest choice but cheque might be a good idea as well if you are happy to wait for a week for the cheque to clear.

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I'm also interested in finding out how it works. Could you possibly explain why to avoid gift payments?

Thanks :o

There is an amount of insurance provided by Paypal if you pay the "fees". It's their incentive to do so. It covers someone withdrawing payment, that sort of thing.

Money sent as a gift attracts lower fees, and IIRC, "Payment owed" is the only free one.

Gift payment recipients will get £10 if you send £10, but as the sender you will be charged a little more, say £10.20.

It's worth remembering that the sender of cash to you, can also withdraw payment, cancel if you like, after you have posted the item.

It's happened to me. Once.

I went through Paypals' redress system and got my money back. If I'd sent it as a gift, no chance of any recompense. ;)

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I have used the site with, so far, no problems but I notice that more people are asking to be paid by "gift". I always thought Paypal protected the buyer if the deal went awry. I will have to think on. By the way, I have had a couple of problems with Paypal; mainly thinking my account was finished when it wasn't. They were helpful, up to a point and blamed automated services for screwing up. I don't know of any other quick way of paying over the internet.

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I read of someone who'd paid gift and got their money back simply because the seller wasn't entitled to ask for it as gift.

Essentially Gift is free of charges (up to £50 I think) if you are sending it from a Paypal balance and not withdrawing from a bank a/c or using a card.

A lot of people ask for gift thinking it is saving buyer or seller any fees but if you don't have a balance it won't. the no fees thing also applies to some of their other personal payment options (go through them next time you are paying from a balance and take a look at the charges).

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From what I've read, Paypal Gift provides no protection whatsoever. Little better than sending cash or using bank transfer.

You are absolutely correct Gina.

Not a problem if you know the seller, or trust them from experience.

I often send payments as "gift" on another (unrelated non astro) site but I know it's safe to do so.

Be careful folks. Paypal is a money making machine (owned by Ebay IIRC), not just a service!!!

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