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Stacking TV Powermates?

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Another one comes of my "To Do" list....

Can TV Powermates be stacked like "normal" barlows to increase the amplification? ( I had a concern due to the telecentric design)

The answer is......


No issues. I stacked a x2.5 behind a x2 with a TV 32mm plossl and the views of a distant tree branch were very good.

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I've got both. I bought the x5 for imaging, but it gets hardly any use. My x2.5 works great for visual. For webcam imaging, I use a TV x3 barlow. It's useful, because you can adjust the image scale by varying the distance between the camera and the barlow. You can't really do that with a x2.5 PowerMate.

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I've got all the powermates (A good idea at the time!) but only use the x2.5 regularly for Ha solar imaging. It's the one I'd recommend.

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