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aGent V5 HD webcam. Anyone seen these?


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aGent Webcam the iSight for PC and Mac

Compared to the specs of most webcams, these look very good and very well made. They are also compatible with a Mac and OSX which is good news as some of the others I've seen are Windoze only.

I also spotted this in the manual.

Can I use the webcam with my telescope?

While customers have noted that the aGent’s size is particularly perfect for a 1 1/4" focuser, admittedly, we are no experts on the issue. However, the webcam uses objects’ sharpness as a criterion, so customers have used it successfully through a telescopic eyepiece in the past. Contact us for more details and url’s of other buyers experiences

Anyone with any experience of these?


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Similar to MS Lifecam cameras. They are better (more sensitive, USB 2.0, bigger sensor) than old webcams. No long exposure hacks currently exist. And note that they have quite small pixels so to much Barlow power will overscale the image (for 3x3 micrometer pixels around f/10 needed only).

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