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C8 SCT storage

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So SGL members either;

Don't have SCTs

Don't store them as they're in constant use

Can't be bovved to respond

Or keep them in a carrier bag under the stairs! :D

Hmmmm.... :o

Any help out there in SGL land? ;)

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Hi i use to own a 8'' sct,i built a wooden box with a door on it that tho ota and fork was made to fit in.The unit was screw onto the inside garage wall at a good height level that it was easily lifted out when needed,it worked great for me.


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I don't keep it in a box- it just sits on the tripod in my shed. WOuld be interested to hear what people come up with though as I am considering transporting it to dark sites from time to time. I do still have the original packing materials it came in, but they are not particularly sexy. ;)

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Hmmm... I've also taken mine on the back seat with a seat belt round it for long journeys. I store it standing on top of a desk drawer unit with a scope cover on it. I'm very careful moving it round though - if you're the clumsy type or have kids maybe a travel case would stop it getting any dings.

I did look into travel cases long a time ago and couldn't find anything cost effective. I'll try dig out a source for you ;)

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I keep my CPC925GPS in one of these form B&Q. I have retained the original foam packaging for the scope, fork and base and store the tripod alongside. I have an alarm installed and its padlocked. Although with the unit being plastic I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult to break into, but hopefully the alarm and other security measures (& weight) would put a burglar off.


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I've resorted to the soft bag approach, which I hope will give my scope some protection.

The travel case I used is 100 litre capacity and provides a "snug" container

for an 8" LX90. I was able to fit the original meade foam base inside the case and used some 10mm ground roll high density foam in layers to cover over the top. Hopefully this will prevent a few knocks going through to the scope. Case is also on wheels , so can be carried or rolled

Attached Images32429d1265977514-diy-scope-chest-soft-case_11.jpg32430d1265977514-diy-scope-chest-soft-case_13.jpg32431d1265977514-diy-scope-chest-soft-case_12.jpg32432d1265977514-diy-scope-chest-soft-case_14.jpg

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Since I deforked my meade 8" it sits on top of the box I made to store it in ;):icon_scratch: (the forks and mount are in the box) with a cover over it unless its sat on the mount as it is at the moment in galaxy season


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