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285 Glass

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Whilst tightening up my Artemis 285 to the filter wheel, I heard a ...."crack".......

Yup, I've sshattered the protective clear glass at the front of the camera, seems the Tru Tek filter wheel I have has a screw thread thats quite long in comparison to the Art 285.

Does anyone know where I may be able to obtain a simple clear circular replacement glass? I measured the broken one at 50mm diameter.

Any help please gratefully received....

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The reason it's not cheap is, if it's like the 16ic, that it's Schott BK7. Which means as the temperature change there's minimal changes to the optical properties.

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Sounds like you need some threaded rings. When threaded, it limits the depth as the camera contacts the ring before the thread impacts the window. Tightening would then apply pressure to the ring and not the window.

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