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Hello from Warwickshire


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Hi everybody :p

I've just signed up after lurking on here for a few weeks.

my name is Greg I'm 33, from Just outside Stratford Upon Avon. I've been interested in Astronomy for as long as I can remember. I currently have a 127 skywatcher Mak and some 10x50 binos.

Most of my stargazing time is spent lay on a sun lounger out in the back garden with my binos, a planisphere, a pen light and a huuuuge cup of tea :(. I do use my scope but mainly for moon and planetary, admittedly I don't use it as much as I should do:eek: :o

I do consider myself a newbie and I do spend most of my time trying to find my way round the sky and trying locate objects to view through my scope.

I've just ordered a Baader zoom eyepiece which based on many reviews and user comments sounds like a good piece of kit and possibly the first step on a slippery slope of accessorising and upgrading.

So that's about it for my introduction and I look forward to learning lots of useful things off here.

Greg :D

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Hio Greg,

Welcome to SGL.

Great part of the world you live in, the wife and myself have had several great breaks at Alveston Manor.

Enjoy the lounge.

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Hi Greg and welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on ordering the Baader Zoom, you won't be disappointed and is certainly one that you will want to keep.

Clear skies for its arrival


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Hi Greg and welcome to SGL :D

The Baader zoom's a great choice plus - if you don't have it already download Stellarium - great piece of planetarium software that will help you round the sky - and it's free.

If you're into books - Turn Left at Orion is a great place to start :p


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