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9th May Moon My First Proper Attempt


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hello this is my first real attempt at the moon having only played around with taking pics with my phone held up to the eyepiece before

taken with the equipment in my sig canon at prime focus iso@100 with a moon filter attached I'm not sure focus was spot on as without liveview on the camera it's hard to tell

all comments are welcome as im unsure about settings and exposures etc for the moon




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looks a little better now

still not a patch on some of the moon pics i have seen on here

what are the best setting for taking moon pics iso exposure length etc?

and does a moon filter really help?


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Nice Image. I can never take with EOS on Prime focus! Just cant get it right at all (Exposure, focus, ISO etc etc. I use the webcam then stack I'm afraid.

Well done.

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I'm trying to get eos utilities on my laptop so I can use the remote picture capture function I'm hoping because the pics will be bigger on laptop I will be able to see if focus is ok

Because the little LCD on the camera isn't really all that great

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