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Greetings from Newport.


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My name's Carrot and I joined this forum today. I've just ordered Turn left at Orion, Philip's Planispere and Astronomy for Dummies from Amazon today. I'm totally new to all this. I did buy a book with some star charts a few years ago but could not make any sense of them. So I'm going to try again, but this time try harder.

I've just sold one of my guitars and will have enough to buy myself a suitable telescope soon. I intend to start attending The Usk Astronomical society's meetings this week. I hope to pick up a few tips on which telescope to buy. I'd like some kit that I can use my camera with as I also like photography.

I'd like to thank the people responsible for this forum for sharing so much valuble information. It helps newbies like myself a great deal.

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welcome to SGL i used to be go to usk astronomical socity but work commitments keep getting in the way for contunued goings :( their a really great and pleasent group :D im not far from you! and the welsh valleys group in the communities section do have a few meets :p but welcome to the forum

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Hi Carrot and welcome to the site, you will learn a lot from the guys on here.

I'm also a fellow welsh member who use to live in Newport but have not long moved to Caldicot, if you need any help in finding a dark site around the Newport area drop me a line, i found one thats not to bad.

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Hi Carrot. I've also new to this and have got the books you've ordered - Turn left at Orion, Philip's Planispere and Astronomy for Dummies - but AforD is nowhere near as good as Astronomy by Dinah Moche(?) - roughly same price as well

Turn Left is good also for finding things

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