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Help with 2" Diagonal for Celestron OMNI XLT 120

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If it were me I'd leave the finder off and double side a RD finder to the OTA. I think finder design on Chinese refractors was a bit of an after thought. 9 /10 times I'm restricted to look through it because my EP's are in the way due to the diagonal is facing roughly the same direction and this is even worse with the 2" diagonal. If it's not something in my way I'm on my hands and knees trying to look through it. Using a RD finder dose help a little but I think it would be much better placed on the OTA given the chance. If you have to get a finder shoe anyway it only makes sense you experiment where it works best for you.

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Thanks Spaceboy, I was thinking of leaving the finder off. To be honest since I had the scope I just kine it up by sight and stick in a low power EP to locate objects, seems to work ok.

Unfortunately I might have to put the Crayford on hold till the end of the month, only have £125 left in my 'scope fund' for this month and cannot find one on the net any less than £127 :0(

Once again cheers for all of your suggestions, these forums are just buzzing with helpful folk ;0)

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