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8 hours LRGB on M13 Globular Cluster


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Here is 8 hours subs of LRGB in 5 min subs on the famous M13 Globular Cluster.

Taken last week over a couple of nights and eventually I have got around to processing it.

Taken on the MN190 and QHY9 + 2 inch filters.

So tempting to apply wavelets on it, but resisted the urge as it didn't look right.

Full sized image here



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Thanks all, i seem to have picked up some glow surrounding M13 and can't track it down. It isn't the flats being wrong.

Might have to look at my processing and the stacks to see what is happening here.

But looking at the luminance stack it is definately as a halo around M13 at about twice diameter.

VirtualPilot : Yes a sub is a light frame exposure.

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Nice deep m13, great colour too.:D

Hope you don't mind me saying, the full size image looks a little over smoothed/processed, for 8 hours of data.

It may be worth having a look at holding back on pushing the data too hard so there is less need to digitally smooth out the background as a result.


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The resolution is breathtaking and the colour splendid, not too strong. I haven't seen a better one than that from comparable aperture, apart from the background sky which does have something slightly amiss. I'll PM a suggestion because what we want to be doing here is celebrating a magnificent bit of imaging, which this most certainly is.


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Thanks guys, been looking at the background and had discussions with Olly. Looks like I need to sort my flats out more effectively.

I have re-processed this, but will not bother posting it, and leave this version up.

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