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Quark Glue


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They have announced on the TV news to-night that the latest experiments with the Hadron Collider has produced Quark Glue, which we are advised goes some way to supporting the String Theory, parallel Worlds and all that :D

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oh wow really. ive been reading a few books lately about the quantum world - only some easy-to-read books, im no physicist! - with sme of the ideas etc explained in simpler terms. Although I think its quite well supported as a theory, I just dont like the idea of parallel worlds and the universe splitting everytime an atom has a choice.

I have absolutely no knowledge to back this up tho :p, it just feels like a cop-out, like its taking away the awe of the universe i fell in love with, and if im honest im hoping that those theories will be disproved in favour of a new, groundbreaking discovery.

to misquote one of the books ' science in the future may well be what it is now to those in the past. ie, knights of the round table never ever thoguth it possible to travel to the moon etc etc

ahh i just hope im alive to find out some answers :D

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