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Hi all, I downloaded universe sandbox and found it didn't work for me. All it done was keep freezing my computer and was very difficult to exit from. Maybe it's just my pc being old and too slow but i wanted to have a go cos it looked like a fun program. On a lighter note though the skies have cleared for the first time in 9 days.:D

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I've found it to be pretty bug filled at the moment I'm afraid... Looks like a great idea, but it needs some finishing. That said there have been a couple of updates pushed out over the last week or two, so it should be improving. I guess the uptake from being on Steam now is getting them loads of new users, and bug sumissions! :D

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I've never heard of universe sandbox, but any program that let's you "collide galaxies for fun" has got to be good.

I think that's my entertainment sorted until the skies get darker again in september!

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