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cgem mount


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hey folks,

im just ratling different ideas around in my head and want to ask what ye think, I know that a lot of cgem mounts were faulty from new, I have seen many discussions about this on cloudy nights, im just wondering do any of ye guys know have these problems been ironed out or could somebody get stung with a dodgy mount, have celestron adressed the problems?, they look to be an impressive mount, im going to buy very soon, I am impressed with the sw eq6, the latest version, they are popular in britain, and most people seem to be happy with them,

so here is my delima, I can buy a celestron 11"sgt now at a good price, funds are hard to come by these days:D

and buy a better mount later on like a eq6, and I will be able to sell the cg5 easy enough, or should I just buy an 11"cgem now and stick with this mount,

just wana see what ye guys think, cgem or eq6 are they gona perform the same,

on another note the eq6 has a polar scope but the cgem does not because it hase a new feature called (i think sky align), I like the polar scopes, probly cause my cg5 has one and it does the job pretty well, the cgem can be upgraded with one, I also like the celestron hand control, but I have never used a sky watcher one so I cant compare,

any comment welcome please, so I can weigh up my options


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I know don't know anything about the CGEM Mount but the reason I got the NEQ6 was not only its load capacity and dedicated guide port but also and more importantly, because you can use EQMOD. It's a free software program that allows you to run your mount from a planetarium like Stellarium which is also free. You can perform mosaics for imaging, fine tune tracking (PEC) and control the mount via a gamepad and loads more. The other thing is that because there are so many of these NEQ6 mounts out there, should you ever experience a problem or have a question or two about how its performing, there are a lot of NEQ^ owners who can help you. There is also a dedicated Yahoo group which is very useful should you need to maintain/fine tune/modify the mount and there is AstroBaby's own maintenance/polar alignment instruction manuals that are very useful.

So all in all, NEQ6 is a great bit of kit which because it's popular, will provide you with a lot of help and assistance no matter what the problem. That is not to say the CGEM is poor by comparison as I have no idea but there must be a reason why nearly everyone has chosen the NEQ6.

Hope that helps


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