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New from Bath


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Hi, been lurking for info on the forums for a while and thought I'd introduce myself.

On and off observer since childhood (I'm now 56) but more serous now since I moved from London into relatively darker skies. Recently got a good Orion Optics 8" reflector for transport to dark skies on club viewing nights and have had a 8" Meade LX200 in a small garden shed since early 90's. Still works fine, though with light pollution limiting deep sky use I tend to use it nowadays for specific tasks - especially spectroscopy which I dabble in (Rainbow Optics filter style grating and camera).

I have built previously (with bought in mirrors) an 8" Dob (sold on) and a 19" Dob (! - lucky break getting hold of a club homemade mirror - but too big to use easily so sold on too!). Also had a 12" Dob (GSO make - cheap but effective) recently sold on - my slightly dodgy back influencing that tough decision. Currently building a better spectroscope and I also dabble in some imaging with a DSLR. Enjoy going on club night sessions in dark sky locations nowadays.

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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum!

Glad you could join us as your experience and knowledge will be greatly appreciated. See you on the 17th if not before.

Clear skies

James, Bertha and Betty!

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Hi James,

It was your comment about Stargazers Lounge at our recent dark sky viewing session that provoked me to join the forum - which I have viewed from time to time for tips. See you soon,


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Hi Astro-Imp,

Bath's well worth visiting!. Make it a weekend visit, see the sights and also check into the museum. It's entered teh 21st century and isn't just an exhibit of astro 'fossils' (although Herschels old kit is worth a view). But also has multimedia stuff too. It's strange to think Herschel found Uranus from the back garden of the house/museum in question. Recently our local group looked for Uranus out of a house window there, with a replica Herschel scope. We found it although thr seeing wasn't great, and the nearby Sainsbury's car park doesn't help.

Give it a go.

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