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Imaging Settings

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This thread is not about what settings to use as there are plenty of threads about that and I can see I have many hours ahead of me in tuning and fine tuning all the variables.

My question is about presentation, I see a number of people make up composite for comparison purposes as well as single image with setting information at the bottom.

I would be interested in what people use for this, I know there are many pieces of software out there to do this just wanted to get a feel for what people are using? What works and doesn't work? Of course personal preference plays a big part so there's no right or wrong answer here.

Also be interested in how people 'record/capture' the setting they use during imaging and post imaging. I know SharpCap has a 'Create Camera settings file' and i belive but never looked to deeply into to that Registax record processing info if you save your project.

Again many ways of achieving the same goal just wanted to hear people experiences.

And final question having recorded all this data about the image does anyone collate it into a database of images,setting and processing?

May be this last one is getting a bit 'coughs' errrrrm ! How do I put this politely a bit OCD :D

Thanks for reading,


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There is plenty of time when taking a sequence of thirty ten minute exposures to do something else. I keep a written log of what I am doing and have made up a pro forma sheet for an A4 binder. Is that the sort of thing you meant?

I can look at my log without having to go anywhere near a computer.


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That's exactly what I mean't although I find that i have plenty of things to do during an exposure like keeping the object in sight :-) Guess my rig isn'y quite up to the tracking of yours ;-)

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