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First Light Optics New Website

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Last year we announced we were working on a new website so were looking for suggestions and criticism. We got plenty!

Sometime tomorrow (probably around midnight) our current website will go offline while we move to the new one. Hopefully it will meet with your approval.

EDIT: The website is now live :eek:

First Light Optics

You liked the look and feel of our current website so we have retained that as much as possible while adding the most frequently requested features. The two most popular requests were for clearly displayed stock availability and postage charges. They have been included but will not be visible at launch. James is currently working on categories/parameters for every stock item and he and Lisa are carrying out a stock-take (they get all the fun jobs!) so the results can be integrated into the new site. Both functions will be switched on sometime next week.

Other popular requests included Gift Vouchers, the ability to review products, Wish Lists, auto address look-up based on postcode and the ability to easily check an order's progress. They have all been implemented and will be available from day one ;)

I'll post again when the site has moved (it will be the same address). Please take a look then share your thoughts, the new site's admin section is considerably better than the old one so changes can be applied almost on the fly.

A site like this would not have been possible without your suggestions and your continued support. Thank-you :):D

Steve, Annette, James, Lisa & Martin

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Thank-you Mike ;)

We will also be announcing no less than five new product lines this month. Three were suggestions, one will be available from our new website tomorrow... :)

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I'm just afraid that as I "Browse" the new site temptation will get the better of me. But with the wife away all next week on a coarse in Ireland, I may be able to sneak something in under the radar so to speak :p

Good luck with the switch over guys

PS thanks for changing my order from the 24mm Hyperion to the 17mm :D

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Thank-you for your comments, none of this would have been possible without your support :D:(

The new website is live, hope you like it...

First Light Optics

We have a bit of tidying up to do and some products to add, and of course we still need to enable the stock avaialability and postsge calculater. Otherwise we are up an running.

Do check out the new search window, it is much better than the old one :p

We are keen to hear feedback suggestions and criticisms, positive and negative. This is an ongoing project so changes and edits can be made quite easily.

Thank-you for looking

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