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Elephant's Trunk - Emission nebula at last!


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Well, having struggled a bit to modify my new 450d, I'm thrilled to finally put it to a proper test with an emission nebula! :) Tuesday night, IC1396 just peeked around my neighbour's house so I grabbed as much data through my Easterly LP as I could before it got light.

49x2mins unguided, ISO800.

I would have liked to get a bit more data before posting, but with the nights getting shorter and the forecast not looking too good for the next week, well, here it is...


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Wow, that's an excellent result, I'm constantly amazed by what people are achieving with DSLR's. Focus looks to be a hairs width of perfect but like you already stated, a few more subs and your well on your way to a top class image.

I have to have ago at this one myself one of these day, well done.

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