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Any dob Auto users out there?

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I am still undecided which skywatcher dob to buy with the money that I have carefully hidden from my wife.

10inch vanilla, or

8 inch auto ? ( not goto)

I have already had several replies with peoples advice, however I dont think I have heard from someone who actually uses the auto version.

I think it would help in the process if there are any uses of the auto versions who can let me know what they have found good ( or bad ) about using it.

Less eyes strain

More details as the moon/planet/galaxy stays still

Less !whoops I nudged too far!.

Plugging the power or battery pack in is a drag,

its not worth the effort, I wish I'd bought the bigger manual version

etc etc

I cant believe spending money is so hard! I really want to order one, but am petrifed of regretting it .

Any advice greatfuly recieved.

BTW 12x 50 Binos arrived from 7 day shop today and I can report...

1. Saw moon craters for the first time.

2. Got very exicted.

3. Too excited, -went in,changed underwear.

4. Agravated sore back by looking almost straight up with binos on tripod. Need some kind of tripod that hangs binos from above on a fishing rod, like those off-center haging parasol stands, praps?

5. Find it hard to see through binos without resting eyebrows on binos, which makes it v wobbly.

Will I have the same problem with a telescope, is it hard to get used to not pushing your eye suround against the eyepiece?


Wise :)


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