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strange flashes?


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did anyone see any strange flashes last night approx 11.30-12 to the right of Polaris about 2 hand widths? they looked like they were a planes flashing lights but only 1 at a time,white in colour,id see 1 flash expecting there to be others (like with a plane)but there was only one then another flash in a totally random place this went on for about 20 minutes there was a flash about every 1-2 minutes,they didn't look like anything entering the atmosphere, to me it looked like someone using a flash on a camera???:)

p.s there were no clouds at all in the sky

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Another member posted seeing a similar thing and as luck would have it days after I experience a similar thing. I think it is more than likely meteors striking the atmosphere head on and burning up with a flash as appose to skipping across leaving a trail.

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