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My first DSO


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I am so happy at the moment, just had to share. Been on the hunt for my first DSO since the weekend. First few attempts with the scope were pretty frustrating, mainly because I havent yet figured out the red dot finder thingy so I was just blindly aiming in the general direction of M13. But today my new binos arrived so I figured I would take them for a test drive.

Set up the lounger in the back garden, turned off all lights under my control, pulled on a hoodie to try to block out any extraneous light, and started the hunt. Whilst getting my bearings, I couldnt help admire Vega for awhile... so bright, and a definite blue sparkle around her. Then I kept going to the general area for M13 but couldnt really tell if I was seeing what I was supposed to be seeing. A couple of times I saw faint objects and thought "is that it?". But then I panned a little to the right and there it was, the fuzzy smudge I had been hunting for! What amazed me was how I could have possibly missed it for so long. Each time I put the bins down I kept thinking "just once more, just to make sure I can find it again"! And sure enough it was easier and easier to find each time. I'm just sorry I didnt have the scope set up tonight. But there's always tomorrow :)

Not sure how I thought I would react to seeing a fuzzy, but wow what a rush. Literally gave me chills. Cant wait for more! ;)

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Great Success Story!

Atta-GO egeller624! Its is an incredible experience to wander through the Milky Way with a good pair of binoculars and a dark sky... I've looked through hundreds of different telescopes, but bino's are still my favorite!

I hope you get the WOW of seeing it in the telescope, too.

Clear skies,

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Now you have to, track it,field dress,ice it down,process it,package it,make room in the freezer,get it mounted,and hang on your wall.Great job,keep scanning the skies!

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Thanks for sharing your joy!! As a fellow beginner it is posts like this that give me the motivation to continue what is a challenging (but rewarding) interest.

Like you I have found binos a useful aid to finding my way around the sky whilst searching for objects - but have you yet purchased the beginners bible "Turn Left at Orion" - a starters guide to finding some of the key astronomical objects?

Have you downloaded the free "Stellarium" software yet?

keep searching and enjoying!!

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Yeah, itching to get out there with the scope but unfortunately the clouds have rolled in here :D

Congrats on your first DSO too Steve!

Nibor -- yup, downloaded the kindle version of Turn Left and have found it very useful so far. Also have Stellarium but havent had much of a chance to use it yet. Have to admit, I use Starwalk on my iPad most of the time.

Hoping for some clear skies tomorrow night for more DSO hunting and moon views.


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