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Is my SynScan faulty?

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My EQ5 Pro mount arrived today and I've been familiarising myself with it. In doing so I've come across a problem:

With everything connected as per instructions and the power lead plugged in to the motor control box, all I can do with the hand controller is set the slew rate and slew the mount. This is regardless of whether I use a mains adapter (12v +ve tip, 5A obtained from Modern Astronomy) or use the lead that came with the mount plugged into the lighter socket of my car.

If, however, I connect the power to the hand controller and use it In stand-alone mode, it appears fully functional, allowing me to set date/time and lat/long etc. Because I can do this, I'm wondering if there's a problem with the cable that connects hand controller to motor control box.

Any ideas?

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Swap the synscan cable for a cat5 network cable. If the fault persists the problem is probably in the MCB.


Thanks Peter. I had wondered whether a normal cat5 cable would work. I'll give it a go when I get home.


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Well, I tried a couple of cat5 cables and the problem persists, which means the problem is either with the hand controller or motor controller. I've spoken to Ian at RVO who suggested I return the hand controller to them for testing. :D

Just as well the skies have been cloudly lately!

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