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Just received my new Speers-WALER 24mm. It's a handsome bit of glass, rubber and metal, about the same size as my Celestron 32mm, so it will go into the case without any argument.

Looking at the weather, I won't get a good chance to try it out until Friday, but we're supposed to be above zero most of the week, so the snow will have a chance to melt by then. It was -13 this morning, though, one of the coldest we've had.

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I used to own a Speers WALER 24mm. I liked it very much in the 4inch f10 refractor I had then. It did not do quite so well a F5 newtonian. Nice comfortable eyepiece to look through I found. I found some detailed data on the web that said they were actually 24.7mm FL and nearer a 70 degree field than the 67 degrees claimed.

The one I had was not much bigger than a normal eyepiece and not the 5-6 inches long that the shorter FL S-WALER's are. It needed a little more in focus that normal plossls because the design puts the field stop just above the top of the chrome barrel - but it's not as extreme as the Celestron Ultima 35mm in this respect which I could not bring to focus at all in my TAL refractor.

I sold it when I got the Tele Vue Wide Field 24mm which (predictably) did better in the shorter focal length scope.

I think you will particularly enjoy the views through your refractor with this EP WH.


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