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Baader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom eyepiece mk3

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Hi everyone

After reading other threads on SGL with regard to this multi functional eyepiece, could i ask if you feel this will be appropiate for use with a Skywatcher Explorer 150P, as possibly the next step up from the supplied 10 and 25mm eyepieces.

I like the idea of the adaptability of several eyepieces into 1, and being a complete novice would welcome any advice.

Many Thanks

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Yup - go for it - the Hyperion mk2 zoom really made a huge difference to my 150p (was my first scope now sold). Several steps up in quality from supplied eye pieces and starter kits - crystal clear views - sharp and contrasty - no noticeable internal reflections.

Great general purpose 5 in 1 grenade style eyepiece. You can attach a camera to it with T-ring and adaptor, it will also take the baader FTR's so you can flex the field stops. Fit's 1.25" or 2" focusers - the Mk3 is the latest one - get the Mk2 s/h for around £100 ish. (I still use mine every session) :)

Note: single eyepieces of similar quality will allways be better - but this is very close to the mark and very good vfm - no hesitation - highly recommended.

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I am also considering getting this ep, like the look of it. I have been looking online for a second hand MK2 but with no luck so think I may pay that little extra for the MK3. Would this ep give me a better view than something like the Celestron Omni Plossl eps? as still not 100% on which way to go but slightly leaning toward the MK3 Baader.

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I agree with the above that the Mk III is a very good eyepiece. Of course you don't get a big field of view as with other eyepieces but it provides sharp stars across the field of view and is certainly a good workhorse. From a beginners point of view, the fact that you can zoom from 22mm down through to 8mm helps show you the effects of magnification in stretching the light and how sometimes this can enhance the detail of an object. It will certainly help you decide on what individual eyepieces to get as you build up a consensus of what focal length of eyepiece you most frequently use.

One last thing, if you buy gear that is made by a good manufacturer such as Baader, you will always be able to get a fair bit of your money back in reselling it should you want to move on to something else. When you look at purchasing astro gear from this angle, expensive kit isn't necessarily prohibitively expensive and of course if you decide to keep some of this stuff, it will last a lifetime.


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Thank you to everyone for all of your responses and advice, as a total newbie to the night sky, I have found the excellent advice on this forum has really assisted with use of my first scope.

After the familiarisation period with my new scope including the magical moment of seeing Saturn live for the first time I would like to upgrade to better EPs and do like the idea of this multi purpose EP.

I have looked on eBay for used mk2 zoom click with no joy, but will probably have to look at the new mk3 version.

Many thanks

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I bought a new MKIII last year when they first came out. I loved it, the build quality is second to none and you get both 2" and 1.25" fittings with it. The only small negative is that (oddly), the lowest power 24mm setting also gives the narrowest field of view (but it's still respectable at about 50 degrees). I sold mine reluctantly for financial reasons and only lost about £30 on the new price, so James of Bristol is correct, good items hold their resale value better.



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