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Best Iphone Apps ?


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Having been without an Iphone for the last year ( opted for a change and had a Blackberry Torch but had 2 Iphones previously) there seems to be more apps than ever now. I found the mandit?ory Stellerium and wondered what other Astro related apps people have come across .

Also whats your best Non Astro App ?

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Google Earth - Good to have

FML - fun site hearing about other people's life disasters

Moon Globe - does what is says on the tin

Plane Finder - allows you to find out all about that plane you can see over your house

eWifFi - finds lots more wifi than the in built thing does

Sky + - allows you to set your Sky + from anywhere

Tea Round - sorts out who's going to make the tea at work

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Love Starmap app covers a wide range of planets , deep sky etc

Pingchat great if your friends have i phone - free pic messenging

Plane finder looks good will have to give that a go

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i have star chart, distant suns 3, pocket universe and star walk on my iphone.

star WALK is the best hands down. easy to use, looks good, good price. favourite app on my whole phone.

I agree star walk is mega I've had a few plays with it on a mates ipad. Dont know how good it is on the smaller screen on the iphone though.

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I dont like stellarium, Star Walk is way better. I also have moon map.

I like sky+, COD zombies, redd peppers movie trailer maker,imdb, flickster, ebay, sky sports news,tunein radio and of course stargazerslounge:)

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