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A poke in the Iris: NGC7023 LRGB


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I tried this one last year with the DSLR and totally failed but this time round I was tooled up with the 314L+ and ready for it. However, this target is still very difficult even with a CCD as ive found out :eek:

Ive battered this one with 5 hours of luminence at f6.3 and theres still nowhere near enough dark/brown stuff to satisfy me, and I darent stretch it anymore otherwise I will completely lose the core. In the end I decided to call it quits and bin the colour frames, though I will add more colour when I get the chance since the amount of NR I needed to do on the RGB was ridiculous.

The upside is that Ive got a new personal best by getting a 30 min sub from the CG5 GT, not something Id like to try often though!

Once thats done, I think I will move on and wait till next time round - by which time im going to be whipping it at f4. Onwards and upwards! :)

NGC 7023: Iris Nebula

This years effort:

ED80, Atik 314L+, x0.85

12x360, 7x600, 5x900, 3x1200, 1x1800 (L) 10x180 (R,G,:D 2x2bin

Setpoint -15

Thanks for looking ;)



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Forget the luminance and go for colour. This is a reflection nebula so make sure you get a lot of Blue to put in the RGB mix. Try to resist binning.


Thanks Dennis, i'll give it a shot. Though it might be a long old slog, I could try 90 min per channel in 15min subs.

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