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Where to purchase a new 12" Mirror coated prices etc?

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I mistakenly thought i had a 12" main Mirror "hense my username" but since found out its an 11" which desperately needs re-coating..

I was wondering where i could purchase a new 12" mirror that is already coated and how much they go for as i have room to fit it in my tube then sell my 11"

Then i get a 10% upgrade and can swap them straight over instead of waiting for 4 weeks for it to be recoated..

Any suggestions please guys/gals?



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When you say there is room for a 12" mirror in the tube, how much spare space is there ? you do need to allow some clearance from the walls.

You will also need a 12" mirror with approx. the same focal length as the 11", so that may turn out a non-standard size (you might get away with repositioning the mirror cell, but you may have to move the focusser up/down the tube too - and that means drilling a big hole in the tube).

Also, you'll need a 12" cell...

Galvoptics and Orion Optics list 12" mirrors on their websites. Oldham will probably do one if you ask. I am not sure if anyone keeps a stock of finished mirrors, or whether they are made to order. In which case, it would be just as quick (or quicker) to get your 11" realuminised.


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