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Controlling Celestron CPC925 from PC

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I'm using a Windows 7 Netbook in my obsy and am trying to sort out telescope control using DeepSky and Cartes Du Ciel. I'm using a serial to USB converter (which plugs in to the CPC handset, not the PC port on the main housing). I've installed the ASCOM drivers suggested by DeepSky Software.

I can get Celestron's Nexremote software to connect to the scope and control it, but I can't get DeepSky to connect.

Any ideas where to begin?



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The issue may be with the RS232 serial port to USB connector? That must have a driver too? You have to install the driver first then connect the RS232 to your USB port on your notebook, then connect the cable to the one that fits into the port on your CPC.

some RS232 cables can be a bit 'suss', especially if it was a cheapo off Ebay or Amazon for £1.99? The connectors are usually OK, but the cables are Chinese imports, and are not certified therefore won't allow connection?

Good luck.

I had a similar problem with my Garmin E Trex GPS... thought a cheap cable would work, but you soon realise false economy... the garmin RS232 cable was around £35!!

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After attaching the USB-Serial adapter goto Computer/System properties/Device Manager. Under 'ports' you should see the adapter and a com port assignment (eg COM5). I'm not familiar with Deepsky, but you may have to enter the COM port number somewhere to connect (Ascom setup?).

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If the Nexstar software works then its definetly not a driver issue if it were nothing would work.

Be aware that some software doesn't like COM numbers above 4, i dont know deep sky well but you might also need to change the COM number assigned to the USB device in the device manager by the computer so Deepsky can see it.

Remember also that if you use a different USB port it on you PC you will get a different COM number assigned to each port even though its the same device.

What do you think of you C9.25? ive had mine 6 months and i absolutly love it :)

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USB drivers are still a nightmare and can work with one application but not with another.

Make sure the COM port number is set correctly in the Celestron ASCOM setup.

If NexRemote is working then try connecting to the NexRemote port with NexRemote connected to the scope, this will demonstrate that everything else is working.

Updating the USB driver may help.


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