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Stellarium - Windows 7

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I've just invested in a fairly decent laptop but seem to having problems getting Stellarium to work. I have Windows 7 as my OS and although it is downloading fine and creating a desktop shortcut, when I go to open it nothing happens.....

Any help would be greatfully received!



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Found this in another thread.

I had to tweak the start-up to get it to run properly on Win7 64bit. (It doesn't cope well with the fancy window system.)

So, right click on the shortcut -> properties -> compatibility

then check "Disable desktop composition"

OK that, and it should run fine.

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I've had it running on Windows 7 32 bit, Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP. The only problem I ever get is on my laptop it needs to run without open gl2 support as the graphics card is an ATI which is a known problem. Try going back to the earlier version if you don't get any joy.

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I have it running under Win7 64bit OS with no issue its the same version of Stellarium (aka 32bit) that your running. Very odd that nothing happens unlike Windows to do nothing usually complains about everything:D

This poses a problem that you'd need to look into the event log and win7 event log is not a nice place to be too much going on and not enough info.

You could try running the exe directly which shoud be here

C:\Program Files\Stellarium

Also I think Philhas may have a point (not sure how to do what he says :)) but this is in the readme file as part of the requirements could be your lappy doesnt have the necessary card

A 3d openGL acceleration card

A quick google search shows that others have had similar, i'll look through and see if any make sense.

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DRgui - yup work fine on my 64bit too.

Mark - Found this i know you said you tried compatabilty and i know this refs Vista (spits into tin bucket....ding!) but sounds like another plausable cause e.g. lack of permissions.

To get a program to be recognized by Vista as Admin;

-right-click on program icon in start menu

-select properties and then the compatibility tab

-at the bottom you will see a check box to set the program's privilege level to run as Admin.

-check box, hit Apply.

This means you will probably get the "Allow" prompt every time you start Stellaruim, but if it works it's worth it.

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OK. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a lot! I have installed and uninstalled the previous version. I have rebooted. I have turned off my firewall. NOTHING!!!!!

I have a brand new Toshiba laptop running Win7 as the OS. Stellarium worked fine on my old laptop with Vista.

I'm out of ideas!

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When I have things like that happen, I usually go back and uninstall, delete the downloaded file, reboot, download again, reinstall and see what happens.

I use that approach regardless what OS or app is involved.


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