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camcorder suggestions

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I read an article about stacking multiple shots to increase definition, a ten second burst giving 250 frames. With the right software the frames from a camcorder can be selected individually and stacked giving a long focus facsimile. Or am I completely wrong? The cam seems to be a cheap alternative to a digital camera. The cam I'm talking about has webcam facility.

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OK I understand and yes stacking gives excellent results.

Why not buy a "cheap" ccd webcam. Fit an adaptor to it to fit your ep holder. Use Sharpcap for camera control (for free) and registax to stack your image (its also free) and Microsoft Ice (again free) to "stitch" images together. Using a 2X barlow and ccd camera I got great results imaging the moon and saturn.

Best of luck


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Thanks Neil. I can see that fixing the camera directly to the scope would give much better results. How "cheap" are these ccd webcams. (I was also thinking that the camcorder at £40 may come in handy for future epics starring my granddaughter). I'm trying to kill two birds with one economy stone as usual.

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On ebay there is a philips for £28.99 which is the same as I purchased a while ago

It has the advantage of being light in weight attached to your scope.

Lens unscrews and you can then screw in your adaptor.

If a clutz like me can do it so can you.


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