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DSLR and nebula photography, is there any point?

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Hey guys

I am currently using a unmodded nikon D300 to take pictures and I was debating on trying to capture a Nebula such as 1c1396 or maybe the iris nebula. My question then is, is there any point? am I going to capture anything of the nebula or am I just gonna come out with a large star field?



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There definately is a point Mark - Else I'm selling all my kit!! Have you seen this mosaic that Andy is working on - That is with a DSLR.

I am very new to this, my only comment though is that for some reason the Canon's seem to get a better following for astro stuff than the Nikon's - Also, a modded DSLR will get you much more detail. But yes, you can definately get stuff with the DSLR, long subs and heaps of them is the answer!

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yes I have seen them, andy's photos are awesome, however his camera is modded mine is not. I am just curious and not wanting to waste time on something which aint going to show in an unmodded camera. No jokes, I havent produced a single image sine December last year (some of that was fixing my equipment) but living were I live I get very few clear nights so they are pretty precious

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Swag 72 - sorry I missed this in your post " long subs and heaps of them is the answer! " ha ha thats what lots of uni exams and little sleep will do for you ha! thanks for the advice

Revs - I would but its not my cam ha ha plus its used for daytime photography :) I was considering getting a CCD camera but considering the cloudless nights were I live I dont think I can justify the cost for using it a couple dozen times a year.

Roundycat - ha! fair enough then atleast that one wont suffer to much loss, once I am finished on my run for the leo triplet I may swing there and check it out ;)

Lukebl - Whoa they are awesome! thank you for the links it offers hope, I will definitely try to capture some :eek:

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