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How time drags when you are waiting

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I ordered my new scope on 12th of March '11 and guess what? Yep that's right, I am still waiting.;) But a little time for studying the sky charts and simulations helps but it's no substitute for the real thing.

My supplier keeps telling me that they are expecting stock in at the end of April, well ok It's now May I know it's only the 3rd today but my patience is wearing just a little thin.

I was told that Skywatchers are very popular, good and great, how can they be if you cannot get your paws on one?

oh well I will just keep my lonely vigil for another week, would'nt you just know it I can't even find my tripod adaptor for my bins.:)

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yeah? I don't think it's going to happen. I have missed so many good skies these last few weeks, you wait the weather will change and viewing will be rubbish, such seems to me my luck.

I thought about cancelling and buying from somewhere else but options and prices were very different.

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