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where to mount telrad

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Out of curiosity,

Is there a preferred place to mount a Telrad?

I have a C-6NGT.

So with the ep and the finderscope (should I take the finderscope off) the realestate is crowded at that end. I am sticking it around the tube in different places, just hate to have it down and then figure out, wow should have stuck over in a diff place.

Any info would be appreciated,,


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i'd stick it next to the finderscope, dont remove the finderscope they are invaluable!

rough aim with the telrad, the 4 degree (i.e. largest) circle shows the patch of sky that is visible inyour finderscope (as long as everything is algined), then slew the object to the middle of the finder and you will see it in the scope (again, as long as eveything is aligned)

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Gaffer-tape the base to the scope for a few evenings until you are sure it is where you want it, then stick it down. The best position varies per person and per scope.


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