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Eyepiece Question


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Hi there everyone.

I am wondering if in a 2500mm SCT a 10mm Ethos, with its 100 degree field of view, could replace 7, 9 & 13mm Naglers when used for purely visual use, DSOs, lunar and double stars.

I'm just thinking out loud, could a single x250 magnification replace x192, x278 and x357 magnifications.

Basically what I'm asking is will a 100 degree field of view at x250 show something similar to a x357 82 degree field of view?


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It would certainly replace the 9mm and 13mm Naglers. How often will you use 357x ? - if you feel you sometimes will then retain the 7mm Nagler.

The Ethos 10mm will show virtually as much sky as the 13mm Nagler does and much more than the 9mm Nagler does which is why it renders those rendundant.

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How often will you use 357x ?

Rarely, I find that focussing becomes a major issue at such a high magnification, personally I believe that the focusers on the SCT models are terrible, a real weakness and therefore it sits in the case more often than not.

I'm just musing at the moment, this is not a good time to sell, what with the recession biting and the recent Televue sale not helping.

Maybe by the time next winter comes, who knows, I might have saved a few pennies by then.

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