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Maximum size telescope on a synscan goto mount

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Hello again guys. Could you please tell me the largest size telescope I could fit onto my synscan az goto mount. I've googled it and seen different comments about it. One said you can attach a 10inch reflecter onto it. At the moment I have a 6inch attached but would love to upgrade. I'd love something more powerful so I can get bigger views of Saturn and see more deepspace objects. Would I be better off selling my scope and mount and buying a larger one without the goto mount????

Thank you for any help, scott

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If the scope you are currently using is the 130p referred to in your sig, that is a 5" scope. 6" would be 150. You cant put much bigger than you already have on that AZ goto mount. There are other AZ gotos that can handle bigger scopes, you might have been reading about those.

For bigger views of Saturn, have you tried a barlow lens?

For more deep space objects things become difficult, light pollution can limit what you can see more than the scope you have! Do you have nice dark skies?

It seems to me your interest in astronomy has outgrown your current scope, I think you would be better to sell what you have and upgrade like you mentioned.



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To see both large images of planets and more deep sky objects you really need two scopes. Planetary imaging / viewing requires high magnifications to get a large image in the viewfinder, and to get high magnifications you need a long focal length, which is why Mak and SCT's work well for planetary work. However to view faint DSO's you typically need shorter focal lengths and more aperture to capture all those faint photons, the drawback is that you then need barlow lenses to increase the focal lengths and double (or triple) the magnifications to get large images of Saturn etc, but adding more glass between your eye and the subject can reduce the brightness and contrast of what you see.

As Barry has stated, looks like you have outgrown your current scope and need to upgrade, but as to what would be the ideal step up is going to be down to your own personal preferences, as you will need to compromise to a degree based on these preferences

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definately the biggest scope for an alt az goto is the 127mak (many claim that even this is undermounted) eq5 can take a 200p for visual heq5 can take a 250p for visual and the eq6 will take a 300p. If you want to take photo's all of these loads drop if you want to do anything other than webcam or prime focus lunar photograghy

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Thanks guys. Yeah I ment to say 5inch not 6. My skies are dark. There's not much light pollution. At the moment I use a 2x Barlow and the 25mm wide angle to first find what I want to look at. Once the object is centred I remove the wide angle lense and replace with the 10mm. Which I think gives me a 180x magnification. I think I'm going to keep my scope untill I've leaned my way around the sky's abit more. I'd like to just be able to point at any star and know the name. At the moment I can only name afew. But I will defiantly be looking out for my next telescope. Can anyone recommend a suitable scope. Would a 10inch be a good option?

Thanks again, Scott

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While a long FL scope is probably optimal for the planets it is certainly not necessary. Our refractor (FL980mm) usually beats the 10 inch SCT (FL 2500mm) but not always.

With a 600mm FL and 3mm EP you have 200x, a magnification which it is only very rarely worth exceeding in any telescope. So I think the OP maybe hopes to get the planets looking bigger than is actually possible.


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