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Finally made a mosaic


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Found time this long weekend to put together a Moon mosaic from avi's taken on 23rd March 2011. First time I actually achieved 100% coverage :D.Celestron 130EQ MD and SPC900. Individual images stacked in Registax 5, then stitched with Microsoft ICE and tweaked with Photoshop.


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Top effort mate well done :) perhaps tone down the orange / yellow tint if you can. How long did it take and how many avi files did you use?

Thanks for sharing

Jay ;)

I agree the orange /yellow looks odd, but that's what the SPC900 produced on the night. However, I've pulled down the saturation in Photoshop and it looks much more natural.

I made 9 avi files varying from about 2 to 5 minutes, then used VirtualDub without any filtering to split some of the longer ones into smaller chunks before stacking. Main reason for doing this was that the longer captures had drifting of the image due to imperfect RA tracking speed and polar alignment..


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Just search mosaic to try and find some software thanks for the heads up :eek: MS ICE with Registax.

Lovely picture! clearly mosaics allow you to focus on many parts and stitch it all up :), Just maybe look abit more natural if it was a little less saturated but thats just MHO :( Keep it up.

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