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Satellites in the Eyepiece....

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I had a really good observing session this morning.

i went to bed early, and woke at about 1:30am, i was outside by 2, and observed through until 4am.

I saw quite a few DSOs. i was most happy with M27(Dumbell nebula) and M11(Wild ducks).

I also split a couple of doubles, my favourite of the night being Graffias in Scorpius. The seperation, differance in mag and difference in colour looked really nice to me.

Anyway, i am rambling...

What i really want to know is that during my session, i must have seen 4 or 5 satellites move across my EP.

Is this a common to see this many during an observing session?

Thanks for reading.

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There' so may satellites up there, I see satellites almost every time I'm out observing. In one session last summer, I saw more than 20 (at which point I stopped counting) and several crossed the scope's FOV. So your experience is not that uncommon.

I think I'm right in saying that you tend to see more as we move towards the summer months, because the Sun doesn't dip so far below the horizon. And at times they can be a distraction, especially when you're meteor watching...

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i thought that there might just be a lot about because it was Bank Holiday weekend and they were going to the coast or something!;)

When i saw the first i was like "oooh theres a satallite!!". then i saw the second.. "ooh 2 satellites in one night, what are the chances!". Then with the 3rd 4th and 5th, i was leaning towards.. "hmm, maybe this isn't such a rare sight after all":icon_salut:

Thanks for confirming it :)

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I see more and more every time I set up. I'm thinking it must be an imaging nightmare for many people. It was kinda' fun at first(20+yrs ago) following them through the sky some very bright and some "blinking" on and off. But now it's getting a little annoying really. But hey, some folks really like chasing them and I will not begrudge them one bit!..Always look up!...JMR

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