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i think i see m3 and m13

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Last night i was out seeing wasnt that great because next door was in there conservatory with bright lights on but i think i see m3 and m13 they were both a faint smug but i see them:)

Is that all i can expect to see because of my light polluted skys i was using a 200pds so i dont think that was the problem.

i think i need to learn how to use my spc900 sc1.5 modded webcam so i can get some detail.

Anyway i'd thought i'd let ya know and i see why people call them little fuzzies.

Cheers dazz

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M13 is excellent in a 200mm scope with an 8mm eyepiece (x125). My area is very light polluted but as long as the transparency is good it will look much better than just a faint fuzzy with some magnification.

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I too just found m3 (i think I also found m92) just last friday! I was still surprised at what I saw even though it was the same faint fuzzy you describe!

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