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New Member: Greetings From Vermont

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Hello All,

I'm a new member from Northern Vermont, in the northeast part of the USA -- just registered today. This forum is a terrific resource, and I'm glad to be involved.

I've been a very active amateur observer for ~35 years, and I live in a very rural, dark location. I've been an active telescope maker for many years, and a member of the Springfield Telescope Makers since 1987. I have taught both Astronomy and Telescope Making classes at Stellafane as well as other locations in Northern New England. For about 10 years I traveled to hundreds of schools with a Starlab portable planetarium, which is a whole lot of fun.

For the past 5 years I've been a science adviser to the Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation, (see Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation), and we are proud to report that on May 7, 2011, we will host the Grand Opening of the Northern Skies Observatory. This facility features a PlaneWave 17 Corrected Dall Kirkham telescope with SBIG CCD camera equipment, and when all the finishing touches are completed, will allow fully remote, robotic observations -- hopefully by autumn.

I'm mostly a deep-sky, eyeball-to-the-eyepiece observer, but I'm quite excited to learn about CCD imaging. As I learn, I hope to report some of my trials and errors here.

I currently observe from home with a home-made 8" f/5.9 Newt-Dob, and 15 x 80 Celestron Binoculars. I'm also a very active woodturner, and I work in the solar and renewable energy field by day.

Clear skies,

Brad Vietje

Newbury, VT

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