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M51 first attempt at a galaxy.....


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Hi folks, this is my 2nd DSO attempt and first galaxy the M51. Although I know it's not the greatest picture I'am really chuffed that I managed to capture somthing like this :D Its still early days for me with astronomy, photography and photo editing in particular......

This was using my usual Un-guided EQ3-2, with startravel 102, and canon 500D prime focus as per my sig.

148 x 30sec subs @ ISO800 & 1600. No darks, No flats, Just 50 x Bias frames using kappa sigma mode in DSS, as per suggest by a member on here.

Histogram stretching done in photoshop CS2 + other editing to get rid of the awful CA. Bit of a widefield M51 I know but I prefer the final result with a wide crop.....

Any CC welcome, I need to learn...

Regards, Stan:)


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That's a VERY impressive result Stan! Loads of detail in there, I'd certainly be pleased with that one, so don't be too hard on it :D Good work on removing the CA too. I used to use a Celestron C102 wideview, and that gave me awful blue/purple stars.

Great effort, I'm impressed!

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I agree. That is a great result from modest equipment. The sky is uniform, the stars not far from round and the galaxy clear and showing structure. Very well done indeed.


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Cheers guys. One day il have me an heq5 topped with some APO glass, but for now il have to make do with the EQ3 and 102. chromatic abberation is a pain in the butt though and although I can get rid of the purple halos around the stars it can't be doing wonders for the overall quality of the image, and I'm having to bin a huge amount of my subs due to tracking error etc.



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