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Summer Triangle Challenge

Solar Tsunami??


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On the morning of THE wedding, while others were making their preparations for the day, I was busy making the most of the sunshine........we don't get so much of it here in Lancashire!!

Anyhow, I used my PST with 2XBarlow and webcam to snap this (apologies for the quality, but I'm still in learning mode and seeing was not great). I noticed that there is a sort of bow wave to the left of the sunspot, as shown. Is this likely to be a real 'event', or simply something like a suspended filament? Did anyone else see something similar in better quality/hi-res? Just curious.:D




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Not too often, which is why I was making the most of it. Crackin' morning here today too, so I'm going to spend an hr or so snapping some more shots shortly.

Amazing what a little web cam can do.....can't wait to try something better.



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Precise time?

Here's my high res effort from Friday morning:


2011 Apr 29, 1007 UT (1107 BST). William Optics FLT 110, 2x Powermate, Solarscope SF-100 Ha filter set, DMK41 - 2 frame mosaic.

Looks like a filament to me.

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