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2" eyepieces

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I'm a complete beginner with only the basic kit - scope and two eyepieces. There is obviously some advantage to having 2" eyepieces, so would this be a good time to consider changing before I buy a range of 1.25" eyepieces and filters. Would I still be able to use the smaller EPs after converting to 2"? What are the mechanics of this.

Basically I'm wondering what are the advantages and what sort of cost would be involved.

I know there's an expert or two out there with the answers. Thank you in advance and thanks also for all the nice welcomes, you really are a friendly bunch.... you are, in fact.......stars.


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Hi Paul. It might help to mention wich scope you have. Some come with a 2" focuser tube and an adaptor for 1.25" eyepieces. 2" ep's offer a wider field of view for looking at larger objects, but some scope designs don't take them because the fov is limited (so it would be pointless). You can get wide angle ep's in 1.25" sizes too.

If you don't want to list your scope every time you post - pop it in your signature wich can be edited via the control panel :D

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