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netbook for webcam astro capture

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So, I've got my SPC880nc webcam flashed to 900, nosepiece and IR filter all set up, but what do I plug it into? I don't have a laptop.

I was looking to get a netbook, all it really needs to do is run WXastrocapture or similar and ideally stellarium too.

Is the dual core Intel atom N550 version (at £250 for PACKARD BELL DOT SE/R-710UK) worth getting over the N450 (at £180 for PACKARD BELL dot S2 UK/003)? Also looking at the SAMSUNG N145 Plus for £229 as it has a good battery life of up to 10 hours.

I'll do all the image stacking and processing on my desktop.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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There's several netbooks on Amazon UK with 250GB HD at under 200 quid :D That should be big enough :D Was considering one myself but would rather spend any spare cash on telescopes and things :)

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Thanks all for the tips. Well, I finally got round to getting a netbook. I went for a Samsung N150P. It's a very nice little netbook, does everything I want really. Seems quite fast despite only 1gb RAM, but you can easily upgrade to 2gb which I might do in the future. It's so handy as it fits on the accessory tray of the scope tripod. Got a chance to go out and do some webcam captures of Saturn the other night. I see what you mean about the size of the avi files! Ended up with over 4gb of data! Lucky it has a 250gb hard drive.

Anyway lookout for my attempts on the planets and lunar imaging sections.

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