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M13 Globular cluster


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Hello everybody,

Here is my latest effort: M13. Most of the data is from April 2010. But I reshot the colour last week, and did it unbinned this time. This really helped to get good colours in the stars. Seeing was very good on both occasions.

Lum: 1.5h

Colour: 2h

Scope: np101is

ccd: st-8300.


med resolution


Full resolution


Hope you like it!

Many regards,


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Nice result Pieter.

I think it's a little over sharpened. Perhaps you like to give a try using deconvolution.

Also, black point seems to be slightly clipped. Perhaps you'd like to put the black point at around 25,25,25.



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Hi Pieter,

Staggering resolution and in a 4 inch scope! Excellent colour contrast in the stars. I think maybe Harel has a point but if you do soften it I would only say do so by a tiny amount. I'm really impressed by the picture and the performance of the TV lens.

BTW I have just done some work on the Dob, with expert help, and M13 now looks great in that at 200x.


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