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4 Saturn Nights + 4 Moons = 1 Titan Orbit


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heres 8 pic compilation, taken over period of 16 Days

been interested in Saturns Moons for while, as i was with Jupiter's also

and have been taking captures on most nights whenever conditions allow

i have a few other nights that i could add to these, but i thought these 4 nights went well together

ok few thimgs i noticed (sorry if boring/stupid)

4 Saturn nights x 4 Brightest moons = 16 Days approx (slight coincidence)

also 1st 2 pics show 3 Moons on Left with 1 on right

while other 2 have 1 moon on left and 3 on right

Comparing 1st and last pic is good as Titan is almost in exact same spot

and was also quite lucky conditions were ok this night

i decided not to contact NASA to assure them there stats are correct lol

Comparing final 2 pics is great i think

as theres less than 24hrs its easy to see how much they have all orbited in approx 1 day

The Saturn images used were taken either before or after Moon captures on same nights



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