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Telescope storage - Improves Contrast!!


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Photons create light waves. So, if we have a space without photons, we get a space that light will disappear in? Is it possible to create such space? And is such space suitable for existence if we apply pressure, temperature, air and everything else. Meaning, is it possible to make a space that no light can ever exist - like a vacuum for life?

Somebody burst my bubble.

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I find it highly unlikely that the technique descibed here would benefit the contrast of any reflector telescope. Although, post-observation storing on a cold night at a latitude lower than 0 would prehaps prevent any dew condensation descending onto the primary mirror.

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There's a little man inside making photocopies of each photon that comes in one end then throws them both out the other end - simples! :D

and if the little man copies them both sides we get x4 Barlows.

I get it now:D

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Thats not how barlows work. Instead theres a very small, but very scary and angry man in the middle. You have to give the barlow a good shake before use, just to wind him up a bit more. He then scares the photons and makes them go either side of him, therefore spreading the cone of light out.

Thats why the barlow doesn't work as well after a while, because the small man is tired and less scary to the photons. If you give it a good shake mid session that seems to help though :D

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